We offer up to date lateral photos, no more outdated google maps!

A side by side comparison of the most recent Google maps view and an up to date aerial photograph from BMR Aerial Photography. Could you even tell this property has it's own pond in the Google photo?  Which photo has the "wow factor" here?

No more flat, boring, and out of date Google map photos!  BMR Aerial Photography offers aerial photographs to real estate professionals that are not only affordable but high in quality.  Real estate marketing has taken a drastic change over the last few years with online queries.  Consumers will bypass your properties that do not have an online "wow factor", which means loss in commission for you.  We can provide you that wow factor again by showing off acreage, landscaping and home size all in the same photographs.

We are a traditional aerial photography company, meaning we never use drones.  The FAA has limited drones to a ceiling height of 400' and are not allowed to fly near any airport.  As a certified FAA pilot we can fly higher and cover more area than drones.  Because of a drones limited ceiling height, they often use wide angle lenses which distorts the photo and can leave a "fish eye" look.  We only use Nikon DSRL cameras and an assortment of quality lenses, this results in a much higher quality photo with zero distortion.

All of our real estate photos are electronically delivered to our customers within less than 24 hours of our flight.  We make this a priority so that you are able to add these images to online databases and get your property on the market.  For no extra cost, we optimize your photographs for web site uploads.  We can also produce prints at an additional cost as a gift to your clients.  Look below and see which photo you would rather have on your listing.

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